West Pokot Hosts Delegation from Nakuru and Nyandarua for Cross-Learning on Youth Projects

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West Pokot County Governor, H.E. Simon Kachapin, who also serves as the Chairperson of the Youth, Sports, Culture, Gender, and Social Services Committee at the Council of Governors (CoG), recently welcomed a delegation from Nakuru and Nyandarua counties. The delegation is participating in a cross-learning exchange program focused on youth projects implemented in West Pokot County by DanChurchAid (DCA) through Anglican Development Services (ADS) North Rift Region (NRR). This initiative aims to share best practices and innovative approaches to youth empowerment across counties.

Governor Kachapin assured the delegation of the region’s security and hospitality, describing West Pokot as a county of hidden treasures. He highlighted the collaborative efforts made to empower young people in the three counties, praising the partnerships that have brought about significant positive changes. The governor emphasized that the youth are the future and investing in their development is paramount for sustainable growth.

The County Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Youth, Sports, Gender, and Social Services, Josephine Atieno, took the opportunity to discuss the management issues of the Kenya Inter-County Sports and Cultural Association (KIKOSCA) with Governor Kachapin. She highlighted the importance of effective management and leadership within KIKOSCA to ensure its success and benefit to the youth. Governor Kachapin promised to address these matters at the Council of Governors (CoG) level, showing his commitment to improving youth sports and cultural activities.

Ms. Atieno’s sentiments were echoed by her Nyandarua CECM counterpart, Ms. Catherine Gitau, who also emphasized the need to streamline KIKOSCA leadership. Both leaders expressed their dedication to working together to enhance the effectiveness of youth programs and activities, ensuring that young people receive the support and opportunities they need to thrive.

The delegation included Hon. Rebecca Kide, Education CEC for West Pokot; Edwin Pkemei, Youth & Sports Chief Officer; Edward Kigo, Chief Officer for Youth in Nyandarua; Josephat Kimemia, Director of Youth in Nakuru; as well as directors from the respective counties and representatives from DanChurchAid and Anglican Development Services North Rift Region.

The cross-learning exchange program offers numerous benefits to the participating counties. By sharing experiences and strategies, the counties can learn from each other’s successes and challenges, leading to the implementation of more effective youth projects. This collaborative approach ensures that resources are utilized efficiently and that the best practices are adopted to maximize the impact of youth empowerment initiatives. The partnerships fostered through such exchanges also strengthen inter-county relations and promote a unified approach to addressing common issues faced by the youth.

For West Pokot, hosting this delegation underscores the county’s commitment to youth development and highlights the positive outcomes of the projects implemented in the region. The exchange provides an opportunity for West Pokot to showcase its successful initiatives and inspire other counties to adopt similar strategies. It also reinforces the county’s reputation as a leader in youth empowerment and community development.

The cross-learning exchange program between West Pokot, Nakuru, and Nyandarua counties marks a significant step towards enhancing youth projects and fostering collaboration among counties. Governor Simon Kachapin’s commitment to addressing KIKOSCA management issues at the CoG level, along with the shared dedication of CECMs Josephine Atieno and Catherine Gitau, ensures that the youth initiatives will continue to grow and flourish. The benefits of this exchange extend beyond the immediate participants, contributing to the broader goal of empowering young people and driving sustainable development across the region.

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