World Bank Auditors Commend Nakuru City’s Environmental Compliance

Nakuru City Environmental Compliance

A team of Environmental Auditors from EQMS Consulting Limited, Bangladesh, contracted by the World Bank, recently visited Nakuru City. Their mission was to conduct a comprehensive audit of the City’s compliance with Environmental, Health, Safety, and Social Safeguards measures during the implementation of the Kenya Urban Support Program 1 (KUSP) project.

The auditors examined crucial reports, including the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment Reports (ESIA), the Environmental and Social Management Plan (ESMP), and the annual Environmental Audits Reports (EA). Their evaluation was based on the requirements outlined in the Project Operation Manual (POM) and the Environmental Management and Social Safeguards Framework (EMSSF).

The inspection extended to ongoing projects, specifically the construction of Mbugua Mbugua Road and the drainage and refurbishment of Afraha Stadium, with progress rates of 96% and 85%, respectively. The auditors expressed satisfaction with the projects’ advancement and the City’s commitment to environmental protection.

While acknowledging the City’s positive strides, the auditors emphasized the importance of contractors adhering to standard procedures and safety measures. The administration, under the leadership of H.E Governor Susan Kihika, has consistently prioritized compliance with necessary procedures, ensuring environmental protection and social safety in all its project implementations. This commitment underscores Nakuru City’s dedication to sustainable development practices.

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