World Bank-Funded Climate Resilience Training in Kuresoi North and Kuresoi South

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Climate Resilience Training

Under the leadership of CECM Dr Nelson Maara, the County Department of Water, Environment, Climate Change, and Natural Resources initiated a comprehensive two-day training workshop for committee members across all wards in Kuresoi North and Kuresoi South. This initiative is part of the Financing Locally-Led Climate Action (FLLoCA) program, generously supported by the World Bank. The primary goal is to enhance community resilience to climate change and other hazards through effective grassroots engagement.

The training aims to equip committee members with the essential knowledge and skills to serve as influential advocates, particularly concerning climate change matters. These individuals will play a crucial role in building community resilience, acting as key change agents, and fostering collaboration with various community entities and development partners. The priority investment areas include wetland protection, drainage improvement, and water harvesting.

Additionally, the committee members will act as intermediaries between the community and the County Climate Change Fund at the ward level. Their responsibilities include disseminating budget information well in advance, facilitating community project identification, and overseeing project implementation.

The event saw the participation of key figures such as Chief Officer for Environment Kennedy Mungai, Director for Environment Grace Karanja, Sub-county and Ward Administrators, and Environment Officers. This initiative underscores the commitment of Nakuru County to empower local communities in the face of climate challenges.

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